Monday, 2 March 2009

Manic Street Preacher #1

Over at the SMRT forums someone posted a link to this video of Tony "The Lawman" Miano.

Tony "The Lawman" Miano is a colleague of Ray "Bananaman Comfort" at Living Waters. When I watched this video I was appalled by the hypocricy and the cowardice.

The video is hosted on YouTube channel called "TheLawman104". It's a bit strange because it looks like it's his channel, it says "Tony" next to the name field, but in all the video descriptions he talks about himself in the third person. Very Odd. Ray Comfort's been known to speak of himself in the third person too. It must be some Living Waters delusion of grandeur thing.

He calls himself "The Lawman" because he's ex-cop, and he's big on preaching "The Law" of the Bible. He's also big on mustache, and reminds me of the cop from Village People. Or the leather man.

He also carries a gun.

That's right. Watch the video. Hear how he refers to the crowds as "rabid". He says "The most loving thing you can do for a homosexual . . . is to lovingly share the Law and the Gospel with them" I don't think Biblical law is filled with love for homosexuality. And if it's all done so lovingly, why carry a gun?

On the other hand, he also believes that homosexuals are an abomination to his god. That makes his gun even more worrying.

I will shortly publish the post he deleted from his blog, where he tells of why he carries the gun, and how Ray Comfort came up with the nick-name/codeword "PhD" for Tony's gun. I will also post the discussion between Tony and a young Christian who contacted him asking about the morality of an armed evangalist.

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