Sunday, 22 February 2009

Atheists don't do charity, apparantly

How volunteering can stave off depression

Don't waste money on expensive therapy, give up your time for someone else

Julie Burchill reckons that athesists are too busy being intellectual to help anyone.

Those wonderful atheists are obviously too busy doing something intellectual to be bothered with helping others.

She also believes that depression is on the rise because:
a. People are less religious than before
b. People do less voluntary work than before
the Christian presence has stayed constant as middle-aged women have been tempted into more self-regarding activities. And as this has happened, their levels of depression have risen, because religious faith and voluntary work are the twin tried-and-tested pillars of happiness.

If you feel the self absorbed La Burchill needs correcting you might leave a comment on the article at the Times website, linked above.


PersonalFailure said...

supposedly, christians give much more to charity than atheists. however, that study counted giving to the church you attend as charity. i don't consider giving money to maintain facilities that one uses on a regular basis to be charitable giving. that's just basic self interest.

besides, i'm a legal secretary, what exactly does this woman expect me to do about depression?

nonmagic said...

Hi Stew,

I'm no longer posting over at SMRT, but I wanted to answer a question you asked there. Anything to shed light to Tony Miano, I can't stand that guy. Anyway, the name of his gun is 'PhD' which stands for 'Packing heat, Dude'. :::eyeroll::: Perfectly silly name for a perfectly silly man.

Have a good one,