Sunday, 15 March 2009

Have you ever lied?

Ray Comfort and his Way of The Master ministries have a favoured style of street preaching and evangalism. You can find examples on YouTube if you care to search. I wouldn't dignify anything to do with WOM with a link.

It starts with asking the punter "Have you ever lied?" When the reply is "Yes" They then ask "What does that make you?".
"A liar" is the logical response.
"Have you ever stolen anything?"
"What does that make you?"
"A thief"

Having put the mark on the defensive and made the mark admit his own"sin", the WOM evangalists then give chapter adn verse on how the reward for sin is hell, but you can be saved through the sacrifice of Jesus.

I had always thought a valid riposte would be to ask the evangalist if he had ever been kind, or helped anyone, or loved anyone, because by their own logic that would make him a kind, helpful, loving person, but of course they would then quote the Bible to show that our good works count for nothing before god.

I much prefer this excellent response from Over at the Richard Dawkins Net Forum by Sevlevboss:
I'll answer your questions if you answer mine.

1) Have you ever worn a diaper?
2) Have you ever drooled?
3) Were you breast fed?

OK, I may be a blasphemous liar, but you are a drooling, pants shitter who sucks his mom's tits!

Pure gravy.


Badger3k said...

My response is to ask them if they have lied, and when they have to admit that they have, I ask them how they expect me to take the word of a liar. Done properly, you can keep them running in circles for a long time.

Anonymous said...

1) Have you ever worn a diaper?

Ha, ha.... priceless...!

Orion77 said...

"Way of the Master Ministries", LOL, more like, "bring out the gimp!"

Kurt Willems said...

I feel your pain when it comes to a guy like Ray Comfort! He is ridiculous. I completely disagree with his views on conversion and Law. By the way, I am saying this as a christian... I share your frustrations with that kind of religion! We are not all that ridiculous! ha

Anonymous said...

Ray Comfort? Ray Comfort? Ray? Comfort? Tell me you can see the light of BS, too.