Friday, 10 October 2008

End Times?

Ray Comfort reckons that the current financial crisis was predicted in the Bible and is a sign that the end is nigh.

Those of you who are regular atheists must be getting worried. Not about the future, but about the fact that you know what the Bible had to say about the future.

What exactly is a 'regular' atheist Ray? An atheist whos is an OK, regular person, or someone who is 'regularly atheist? I hate those atheists that keep chopping and changing, one week they believe, the next week they're agnostic...

I watched CBS news this morning. This is how it began:
"Breaking News. Global market’s plummet this morning after Wall Street’s nearly 900 billion dollar loss on Thursday. Credit markets around the world are seized up in a manner no one has ever seen before."
We are seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes.

Ah yes, I remember the verse well - Jeremiah 47:89 "And lo! The the voice procalimed 'verily the Nasdaq shall plummet like the stars from the sky'"

Experts have long predicted that we would see a world-wide economic collapse,

Which experts? For how long?

a one-world government, and the raising up of a charismatic world leader that will bring peace and stability and will not let people buy and sell without a mark...

Still waiting on these....

As this unfolds, it is slowly dawning on you that the Bible is right

As what unfolds? A financial crisis I'll grant you, but I've seen hide nor hair of the one world govt, nor the antichrist nor the mark of the beast.

and that all those "mistakes" you found in the Bible were actually your mistakes.

Ok, right. It's my mistake that the geneolgies for Jesus don't match, that you can't ride an ass and a foal at the sime time, that bats are birds and that rabbits chew their cud. It was me that put in prophesies about being a 'Nazarine' that don't exist in the OT, and it was me that wrote about Joshua destroying cities that didn't exist at the time. It was my hand that wrote about Simon btraying Jesus as the cock crowed/after the cock crowed/once/twice/three times.
I'm terribly sorry, I didn't realise before that the Bible's mistakes were mine.

And that leads to a sobering revelation. It means that Hell is real.

Wrong. As already mentioned. A financial crisis is not fulfillment of prophesy. And even if it were, the Bible doesn't describe Hell the way I know you, Ray Comfort, believe it does. Hell is not proven by a Wall Street crash.

So, what are you going to do? I have a suggestion. Humble yourself, then admit you were wrong, and get right with God through repentance and faith in Jesus. Then begin to reach out to the lost with the same zeal you had as an atheist.

I have a proposition for you instead Ray. I predict that within a month, the markets will be back to normal. When my prophesy comes true I'd like you to admit that you are using your usual scare tactics. Taking advantage of today's uncertainty to put the fear of hell into people. I'd like you to admit that you were wrong and that this crisis is just one of those cyclic economic things that come around, and nothing to do with end times.

I won't be holding my breath. Ray Comfort, you utterly worthless human being.

Dear reader, should you wish to read Ray Comfort's blog it is at raycomfortfood dot blogspot dot com. I can't bear to link to the man. Or you can read the livlier Raytractors blog


Reasonably Aaron said...

Third time's a charm. Didn't happen in the 20's (but we did have a second world war). Didn't happen at the end of the 80's...What are the odds its going to happen again?

pecheur said...

Ray Comfort...enough said.

And oh, he was wrong.