Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Man 'kidnapped ex-girlfriend to do ironing'

A man has been arrested over the kidnap of his ex-girlfriend after he allegedly forced her into his home - and ordered her to do the ironing.
The 43-year-old Italian apparently dragged the woman out of a bar in the port city of Genoa in the north of the country and pushed her into his car, before taking her back to his house.

Once there, he threatened to hurt her before making her iron his clothes and do the washing up, police said.

My apologies to all womankind, but I find it very amusing.


lee said...

Ha! Kidnapping and terroristic threatening are suitably manly pursuits, I guess, but washing up is strictly for the womenfolk. Classic.

Stew said...

And it's a situation that would never exist turned around. A woman would never kidnap an ex-boyfriend to force him to do his chores, because we're just crap & lazy.

I blame my mother!