Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Book Burning

From the Shreveport Times
About 30 people gathered for a regional revival Friday night that included a book burning as a statement to reach out to local residents.

"It is allowed for Harry Potter to be taught in our schools, but not the Bible," International House of Prayer pastor James Crawford said during the Shreveport Regional Unity of Faith Revival.

James Crawford is the crazy on the right doing the arm thing.
He is very pleased with himself.
He has posted in the comments section of the news story:
I am James Crawford the director of this prayer movement.
We are going to see the city established in the word of the Lord.
We will not tolerate this perversion anymore. We are the watchmen of the Lord and He is the only Lord worthy to reign in this city. Why, because he said so and He is God!!!

He would like other "watchmen" to call him on his cell phone: (318) 218-9836
or mail him at

Perhaps we can drop him a line too. Something along the lines of the arm-thing he's doing in the picture and some other famous book burners in the 1930's and 40's.

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Bacchus Veritas said...

Hey, if they want to compare their book to some childrens book about witchraft and magic...all the power to them!