Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I'd like you to meet Death

"Death is a test of one’s maturity. Everyone has got to get through it on their own. I want very much to die. I want to become part of that vast extraordinary light. But dying is hard work. Death is in control of the process, I cannot influence its course. All I can do is wait. I was given my life, I had to live it, and now I am giving it back"

A German photographer, Walter Schels, took a series of portraits of terminal cancer patients. One a few weeks before their death and another after they had died.
There are 11 patients here, 22 photos.

I encourage you to click through them, reading the comments and quotes from the patients on the side bar.

It is very powerful.

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Anonymous said...

Very powerful indeed. I do so hope that they new Jesus Christ before they physically died. It seems that a few of them were awfully "afraid" of death in the end. I wander if it was because they thought they had wasted their life or were possibly afraid of what awaited them.