Sunday, 6 April 2008

What's with the "ah-theist" thing?

I've noticed in the comments sections of Ray Comfort's terrible blog that many of his defenders and apologists refer to atheists as "ah-theists" and I can't figure out why.

Search the comments here and here and also on this forum

I've tried googling it and it does crop up elsewhere, but no valid explainations.

It doesn't bug me or insult me, I'm just curious. If it turns out to be a meaningful insult I'll probably adopt it as a badge of pride.

Any calrification would be welcome


Psychodiva said...

I've never read that blog before- wish I hadn't now- I could actually feel my brain draining out of my ears as I read the posts and some of the inane and idiotic comments - and the assumptions they make!!!!

anyhoo- I have no idea why they do that 'ah-theist' thing- I feel it is a little like a child calling someone a 'dooda' and thinking themselves very clever for having done so- i think it is a silly insult if insult it be- and will readily ignore it, giving it the contempt it deserves :) unless and until it turns towards a nastier framing.

Anonymous said...

It's probably an attempt at creating some catchy, pejorative meme.

While I seldom use it, "theistard" has more of a ring to it and they've probably grown tired of encountering it. They undoubtedly realize "atheistard" would rightly perceived as a childish and hypocritical response, so they settle on "ah-theist" which is ambiguous enough that educated and rational people will scratch there heads & wonder if they were insulted but cute enough that theistards will snicker among each other thinking they just insulted atheists but not really knowing how or why.

Anonymous said...

what the heck are you doing reading ray's blog anyway?

can't help you with the clarification, I haven't seen the 'ah-theist' before. be midly interesting to find out why. I guess you could always ask ray?

Stew said...

ylooshi - I think you're on to something there.

ozatheist - Ray Comfort's blog is like watching a car crash.

I read his posts and mi mouth hangs open at the trite, stupid, smug, bilious content.
To his credit, he doesn't cringe from visciousness of his theology, He's almost Westboro in that regard.