Monday, 7 April 2008

So if you HAVE to be religious . . .

. . . why not worship an enormous penis?

Many people talk about the human need for 'sprituality' or the need for a spiritual dimension in life.

George Carlin recommends becoming a sun worshipper and praying to Joe Pesci.

I offer you Phallus Worship.

Sunday 6th April was the the Kanamara festival, an annual celebration of the phallus, always held on the first Sunday in April in Kawasaki.
Celebrated for the last 300 years, it is based around a shrine, once popular with prostitutes seeking protection from syphilis.
A steel phallus, housed in the shrine, was constructed, according to the myth by a blacksmith, to break the teeth of a demon that was hiding inside the vagina of a young girl and biting the penises of her suiters.

Well, it makes as much sense as anything the bible has come up with.

During the festival "Huge pink and black phalluses were paraded down the streets of this Japanese town in an annual fertility festival, as some 30,000 worshippers asked for blessings and protection from sexually transmitted diseases."

I do hope that condoms and antibiotics where also promoted.

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Intergalactic Hussy said...

LOL...thanks, I had no idea. Don't we all worship the penis in one way or another anyway ;) hahah