Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Religion of Peace

"Islam is a religion of peace in the same way that North Korea is a people's democratic republic."

Wise and witty words from Pat Condell.

"No shortage of politicians lining up to accuse the film (Fitna) with falsely equating Islam with violence, which is a bit like falsley equating Walt Disney with Micky Mouse."

"I'm sure anyone who follows the news would also equate Islam with violence, I know I certainly do, because anytime anybody criticises Islam, they are usually threatened with violence."

"But wer're not allowed to say that, because if we do.... we'll be threatened with violence."

"Well here we are (in the 21st Century). And what have we got? We've got Islam. A violent, 7th Century desert dogma that wants to take over the world, remove our freedom, subjugate women, brainwash children, persecute Jews and homosexuals and drag us all back 1000 years, and all we can do is make excuses for it, for fear of causing offence."

This video embedded below, but I strongly recommend visiting his YouTube Channel. Pat Condell is just as savage on Christianity as he is Islam.

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Anonymous said...

he says it all, many cheers for Pat condell