Tuesday, 8 January 2008

By way of explanation

I have been feeing increasingly guilty that my posts to my blog A Night on the Tiles do not contain enough atheist content to merit the feeds to Planet Atheism and the links on Mojoey's atheist blogroll.
While I went through a spate of atheist blogging a while ago, I am currently more involved with domestic issues and new projects are focusing my attention on France.
I was worried that the readers of Planet Atheism would tire of posts on rural France, and that my (few) French readers would wonder what the atheism thing was all about.
The ideal solution would seem to be - two blogs. This one for the atheism stuff, and Night on the Tiles for the continuing adventure that is the french equivalent of Royston Vasey.

The title of this blog "2000 years of deception" alludes specifically to christianity, since that is the religion I have escaped from, the one I know best and so, the one I am most likely to comment on. It is this cultural bias that makes christians feel that atheists have it in specifically for christianity. I am sure that atheists from Hindu, Seikh, Muslim and other cultures face similar accusations.
Also, in french, "deception" means "disappointment", which I also find somehow fitting.

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