Sunday, 18 December 2011



pecheur said...

CUTE!! you should get that cross stitched and framed and put in your guest bedroom and have all your believing friends stay with you. Then, put them in that room. ;)

It's the truth though. Sheep are dumb (as in not intelligent), always needing attention, disease prone among other things. So it's no wonder some people do not like being called sheep. It's rather a sad plight. However, others of us see ourselves as just that; sheep. We need a shepherd to take of us sorry sorts. It's true those outside the fold are not sheep. Those who need a shepherd have one, those who have no such need don't. I wonder how goats get on. ;)

Good to hear from you again, Stew. We've moved from France and are now in the UK. I hope we cn still be friends. haha

Take care

Stew said...

Hope you're keeping well pecheur, best wishes to you and your family