Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Spritual Attack

For most of us, shit happens.
Your car breaks down on the way to work, the biro leaks in your shirt pocket, and the goon at work is giving you a hard time. Shit happens.
But if you're a fundie Christian it's all the fault of Satan and it's a spiritual attack, for the express purpose of making you lose your faith in God.

There are several ongoing threads at Rapture Ready on spritual attacks. because these bozos believe the end is nigh, they are also convinced that spritual attacks are on the increase as Satan, in his last gasp attempts to forestall the inevitable final triumph of jesus lashes out at the faithful. All the following quotes have come from the last three days.
(It needs mentioning that back in the day, I was a bozo too)

I am just completely exausted. I sometimes feel like one more day will be to much! I think of all that is going on in the world is just amazing...I am just so heartbroken that our country is being sold out. And it seems nobody has a clue about what is happening. Everybody is walking around as if it's business as usual. We are a matter of months to a year away from Iran getting nukes....I just dont know. People its time to wake up!

Yes, there's been weird things going on in my corner too. Mostly things happening to people close to me (alcoholic brother relapsing, etc.), things not working out much more so than usual, yet it seems God causes other doors to open. Usually I would be a bit more negatively affected, but I've just put these things in God's hands and I feel at peace. Praise God!
Lately I've been led to pray for God's supernatural hedge of protection around my family, friends, neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ (around the world and of course here at RR). I really think that we are in a time where we will survive only through God's constant supernatural guidance.
All week last week I couldn't find my Sunday School material for teaching kindergartners at church. I was kind of stumped as to where in the world it went, I'm pretty good about making sure the material is in a safe spot in the house.

I, too have felt the 'heaviness' upon my heart in the past 2 weeks. I know I am getting closer to the Lord, yet I still have a long way to go. My heart is unsettled and I know it shouldn't be. I've made it a habit to take some quiet time daily and pray (I also talk to the Lord during the day) and I am reading my bible on a fairly daily basis. It does help me, but I am still struggling.

I have had attacks that lasted for years and I wanted to kill myself because of them. God provided me a way to stand against the hurricaine that had invaded my life. I seem to be in a resting period right now. All I can say is that nothing lasts forever in this life. Nothing good and nothing bad. Just think that we could be living in the millenium kingdom 10 years from now and forget everything about this time that we live in. It's very possible.

One of the most upsetting things that I've seen lately is the amount of attacks from other self-called "Christians." Has anybody else been experiencing this?
One of Satan's ploys, apparently, it to attack from directions that are almost unimaginable. It's expected to be hurt by non-believers. However, my family, recently, has been attacked by some who proclaim to be Christians. These attacks are more shocking because they are so unexpected. So many are being led down that wide path, and they don't even realize it.

I'm not sure what to think, I feel weird about the World every single day.
Just hang in there, things are heating up! This IS the Last Generation.
Can't be too long.

The same here also, the days go by and I feel well different, going throw the motion's of life, but at the same time feeling I guess a big sense of change coming are way.....I also feel the sense of urgency to leave tracts everywhere especially the last couple of days, one day it was late and I couldn't get it off my mind so I left and just went around leaving tracts everywhere... about 30 to 45 minutes later I came back feeling much better, the same thing yesterday.....but I also have the sense of peace that the Lord has it under control....and I really believe that there is a spirtural battle going on right now, the devil knows his time is really short....but pray and stay close to God......For Jesus is coming back!


No Guy in the Sky said...

The rapture was supposed to happen in biblical times. Then when that didnt happen, they keep looking into the future for Nostradamus type signs of its coming.

They totally uneducated in their own bibles history, origins and what the gospels were trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do these people seem extremely depressed? They seem to want to escape from life and almost look forward to the "end of times." I often wonder if religious fundamentalism isn't just a mask for depression for some people.

Jean said...

Annie said

"They seem to want to escape from life and almost look forward to the "end of times"

At least you got one thing right, I cant wait for this event to happen. When the rapture hapens, if it hapens during our time, the earth will be the worst place for you to be. You will wish to be dead, but death will run away from you. Yes roll your eyes and laugh, but the rapture will happen..

Rincewind said...

Get real Jean. You are just as delusional...

solomon said...

Yes the rapture will surely happen and it will happen not only here on earth but everywhere and its called the end of the world. It must happen. Its Gods promise.