Friday, 8 May 2009

Good luck girls

Irina Fyet and her partner will try to become Russia's first lesbian married couple on Tuesday May 12.

Given Russia's deep rooted homophobia, I doubt they'll succeed. They have a back up plan, which is to get married in Canada, or Norway, where you don't have to be a citizen to get married, and then return to Russia and try and get the marriage recognised.

Three years ago, Russian Police, militant Orthodox Christians and neo fascists violently broke up the first gay rights march in Moscow. (I'd love to see a Venn diagram depiction of those 3 groups, I suspect they all overlap 100%)

Next week will also see Russia's gay pride marchwhich willpurposely coincide with Moscow's hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest and competitors will be asked to back homosexual rights on stage.

The Russian Orthodox Church, resurgent since the fall of the Soviet Union, has helped turn public sentiment against gay pride events, which the then head of the church, Patriarch Alexey II, has called "propaganda for homosexuality."

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This blog is nothing more than a hate site. Your hatred is as odious as anyone else's.