Monday, 10 November 2008

Witchcraft in the 21st cnetury

Here is a terrible story about child withches in Nigeria.

Fundie Chfristianity, merged with traditional beliefs has caused a plague of evangelical churches springing up who have wich hunt services. Children are accused and tortured until the confess. Then they are ostracised or killed.

In the midst of this horrifying tale, living proof of how religion ruins everything is this statement from Sam Itauma, a Nigerian who is helping these children, currently caring for 150 homeless outcasts.

"Christianity in the Niger Delta is seriously questionable, putting a traditional religion together with Christian religion - and it makes nonsense out of it,"

No, Sam, it is a nonsense already. I am fairly certain that everything these evil people do can be backed up by Bible verses.


FrodoSaves said...

Waheyy, 17th Century here we come!

Jean said...

Hi Stew I watched bits of the programme on channel 4 (UK) on Thursday I think, it was so horrible I could not watch all of it. This practise has nothing to do with Christianity.It makes me angry that the name of Christ was even mentioned in this horrible disgusting evil practise of this conspicious Child Abuse. Now Stew that is Child Abuse! And if those people who use witchcraft as an excuse to abuse children do not repent from their wickedness they are going to Hell. They will not escape the judgement of God. To think they choose to use the name of Christ in all this is appalling! Channel 4 (UK) is anti- Christ. It does a good job discrediting Christianiy.

Armand K. said...
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Armand K. said...
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Armand K. said...

Christianity does an awesome job discrediting itself.

And no, the "they're not true Christians" excuse doesn't hold water.
Unless you're prepared to accept that there was *almost* no true Christian before the 20th century. Including most of the clergy for at least a millenium and a half (and especially the 60 popes who reigned while the Inquisition was in effect) and many saints.
Unless you're prepared to accept that anyone who ever promoted ANY kind of discrimination or any kind of infringement against any human right was and is not a "true Christian". And that includes all who opposed abolition of slavery, all who oppose(d) abolition of death penalty, all who ever sustained discrimination based on religion and beliefs/sexual inclination/ethnicity/sex/age/etc.

How convenient to hold that Christianity is all about love, and Christ who came to save us while still holding as the Absolute Truth a collection of Hebrew myths and prejudices virtually unchanged since the Bronze Age! And use it to justify *anything* you please! Especially since it includes the belief that you can do anything you please provided you say "I'm sorry" afterwards.