Thursday, 6 November 2008

Atheist Muslims

More power to them.

It was bound to happen, and I hope it continues.

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

They have taken their lead from the Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany

I am not sure, but I suspect that the state of athesim in the muslim community might be where atheism in christian societies was 50 years ago.

Please encourage these bright and brave people and help reach other muslim doubters by linking to them.

The manifest is solid:
01 Universal rights and equal citizenship for all. We are opposed to cultural relativism and the tolerance of inhuman beliefs, discrimination and abuse in the name of respecting religion or culture.
02 Freedom to criticise religion. Prohibition of restrictions on unconditional freedom of criticism and expression using so-called religious 'sanctities'.
03 Freedom of religion and atheism.
04 Separation of religion from the state and legal and educational system.
05 Prohibition of religious customs, rules, ceremonies or activities that are incompatible with or infringe people's rights and freedoms.
06 Abolition of all restrictive and repressive cultural and religious customs which hinder and contradict woman's independence, free will and equality. Prohibition of segregation of sexes.
07 Prohibition of interference by any authority, family members or relatives, or official authorities in the private lives of women and men and their personal, emotional and sexual relationships and sexuality.
08 Protection of children from manipulation and abuse by religion and religious institutions.
09 Prohibition of any kind of financial, material or moral support by the state or state institutions to religion and religious activities and institutions.
10 Prohibition of all forms of religious intimidation and threats.

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