Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hate Speech

With any luck, some radical will blow up the gay school. No, I'm not condoning vigilantism--I'm merely saying that it would be poetic justice.

Such are the thoughts of Raani Starnes on her blog about homeschooling.

She also says:
Yes, I've seen the previews for Will and Grace where they're lying next to each other in bed platonically. Isn't that cute? The homosexual agenda wants people to think that homosexual men are safe for women to hang around and even be alone with. Nothing could be further from the truth. The stories about Sodomites in the Bible teach us that they do violate women as well as men. I've also known of people personally over the years who were known as gay yet "experimented" with the opposite sex. The term bisexual is an unnecessary distinction, because a faggot wants to defile anyone or anything he can get his hands on.

This lady is the mother of five children who she schools at home. I presume she teaches them this hate too.

from the comments to the blog post she states that
I believe that a homosexual can no longer get saved. They weren't born gay and God wanted them to get saved at some point. The reason they are that way is that they have pushed God too far and he has given up on them.


When someone seems questionable in that area, I would be polite in a group setting if necessary, but never leave my kids alone with that person for safety reasons. The person I am referring to has also abused children. When someone is a known pedophile or homosexual they should be completely cut off.

If you are as appalled by this woman's hatred as I am, can I suggest you go to her blog and use the "flag blog" option at the top of the google screento alert google. With a bit of luck they'll pull the plug.


Daisy said...

Wow - unbelievable to think people are so bigoted after everything we've been through. I will go and check it out and see if we can flag her up!

Ann said...

You know, blogger/google doesn't permit hate speech against sexual orientation.

So I took your advice and I flagged her. It felt good =)

Jack said...


Evil Killer Poptarts said...

Also flagged. Hate speech is hate speech, and religion is no excuse.

The Atheist Reverend said...

Flagged as well. Didn't even have to lie, hate against sexual orientation is not allowed.

Corydoras said...

I flagged it too.

Anonymous said...

I flagged her, too. Do they give bloggers a warning or just shut them down?

Norman said...

You know what's sad? This type of godbots are everywhere. No different than the mullahs issuing random death sentences across the globe.

Anonymous said...

Flaging her blog is juvenile and close minded.

Hate Speech is still free speech. No matter how vulgar the message.

FrodoSaves said...

@the person above me:

Regardless, it's still a violation of the terms of service she has with Blogger. Ultimately, they can decide what they choose to allow published on the internet. Use of Blogger is not a right ensured by the Constitution - it's a service.

Homeschooling eh? How far away from child abuse would you say indoctrinating your child with hateful bigotry is?

Ulysses said...


Pretty damn close to child abuse.

Who cares what Blogger's policy is? Do you fly around the internet ensuring that all user agreements are faithfully kept? Or just maybe the ones that offend you.

The problem isn't with Blogger. The problem is the rise of Orwellian "hate" statutes.

Janus said...

My response:

It was refreshing to see a bible believing Christian speak honestly of how they feel about homosexuality. These days, people often cover up what they really believe in the name of "tolerance".

So, I though I might provide you with a short passage from the good book:

Ezekiel 4:12 "The Lord commanded: And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight."

You get that? God's telling you to eat shit, asshole.

Kris Allen said...

To quote http://2000lies.blogspot.com/2008/07/blogosphere-to-be-policed-uk.html:

It's quite simple. If you find a blog offensive, don't read it, and don't visit it again.

Stew, you can't have it both ways... not long ago you were telling people to stop whining if they get offended by stuff on blogs, but now you're encouraging people to try to censor one because it offends you.

This sort of faith-fueled hate is disgusting, definitely, but free speech should not be discriminative!

Stew said...

anonymous said
"Flaging her blog is juvenile and close minded.
Hate Speech is still free speech. No matter how vulgar the message."

I had a long think about free speech before I blogged about her.

If I thought there was any possibility of dialog via her blog I would have tried it, but it is obvious if you read her posts and commenst that she will not discuss anything.

Asking blogger to take down her blog for contravening their terms and conditions is not violating her right to free speech. I'm sure she will find other outlets.

But if nothing else the discussion on Pharyngula, here and other sites will bring this mind set to people's attention.

Stew said...

kris allen said
"Stew, you can't have it both ways... not long ago you were telling people to stop whining if they get offended by stuff on blogs, but now you're encouraging people to try to censor one because it offends you."

You're right kris, it is hypocritical. It's like saying you've got a sense of humour until the comedian tells a joke about something you feel strongly about. Suddenly it's not funny.

I do feel people shouldn't get offended by blog content.

I do feel a dichotomy here, a cognitive dissonance. I hate, HATE the idea of everyone running around flagging the stuff they don't agree with. Little internet traffec wardens. Please miss, please miss, he said ca-ca.
And yet here I am, hoping people will get blogger to take note of this woman.

Read her blog. Read the blogs of her family and friends who follow her blog.

Paul said...

I say let her write... she makes a total ass out of herself anyway.

I think she might be that Sarah Palin critter writing under a pseudonym...

Anonymous said...

Hel-lo! This woman doesn't just say she hates gays, she actually incites crime and terrorism. She calls for the murder of innocent persons just because some old goat in the desert said so.
Just flagging her is not enough. Go to http://help.blogger.com and report her abuse.

Rarus vir said...

Flagged, I bet she as at least one gay in her indoctrinated brood. Like my grandmother used to say, "don't spit up, it has nowhere to go but back down on you".
Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the right people.
You rock.

Stew said...

To be honest, it was my fellow Raytractor nonmagic who brought it to my attention and she does an excellent fisking of it here

Freidenker85 said...

The comment section here interested me enough to write an entire post about freedom of speech - I totally think this woman has the right to tell the world what a digusting bitch she is. Hushing these people isn't as useful as letting sensible people know, and point and laugh at her.

NG said...

Hello, if you're going to flag, don't do it because she's homophobic because Google won't do anything about it. Flag It because she advocated for "radicals" blowing up a school filled with children.

Yazbec said...

Hi Stew, first time posting here. While I am a big proponent of free speech, this falls outside of that arena. The call for someone to blow up the school, which is an actual place, is not allowed under free speech laws. You cannot directly call for the murder of people based on anything, much less their sexual orientation, in any setting. Her throwing that token line out saying that she is not literally for someone doing that is NOT an effective release from her statements.
In short, to censor her for her hate speech (which is subjective) is wrong, and we should not be tempted to do so, even if it makes our skin crawl. What is perfectly reasonable is to censor her incitement of a violent act against a group of people.

@Ulysses - 'Orwellian' hate statutes are not a bad thing. It seems you have bitten the bait about these being 'thought crimes'. That is nonsense. Those proposed laws are made for the sole function of increasing penalty for inciting violence or damage to a protected group or group member based on the membership of that group. No one will arrest you for thinking something bad or even saying something bad about a group of people. For instance I can say all day long that people who worship Zeus are horrible horrible people; bad and evil to their very cores, and I don't like em! But if I say you should eliminate them from the gene pool because they are Zeus worshippers, then I have crossed the line. Note that under current law, I can already be arrested for this -- hate crime laws merely increase punishment to increase deterrence and lessen the damage that a single crime can cause to the effected group.

The Nerd said...

Well, the blog is no longer there, so I'd say Google caught on to the BS. Well done! :)

Anonymous said...

Even thought the post is gone I flagged the bitch's blog anyway, for continuing the hate mongering.