Friday, 6 June 2008

You Bastards

Physicists have 'solved' mystery of levitation says the headline.
And look at the picture that goes with the story.

I was really excited. And it IS an exciting story. But why do newspapers have to dumb down the thing by showing pictures of 'levitating' objects that have nothing to do with the physics involved.

You can click my pic to enlarge it or follow the link above.

The article is about manipulating the Casimir force on the nano level to possibly create frictionless nano machines.
The picture has no caption, but a mouse over caption reveals 'Beijing saleswoman demonstrates toy which levitates by magnetic force'
I hate shit like that.


nullifidian said...

I saw the same article and had a similar feeling of being conned by the attached photography.

jamon said...

Yup - I too felt conned out of some boyish excitement.

Bastards indeed.