Saturday, 21 June 2008

Why atheism is wrong

A commenter on a post sent me a link to a poem "Why Atheism is Wrong?"

Some examples around us given to prove that there is God.
Answering is simple,
Here's the first example,
Will a baby learn to walk?
If he didn't try to crawl,
Here's the second example,
Will a student pass the exam?
If he didn't study at all
Here's the third example,
Will you see your wife beside you?
If you did not marry anyone
Here's the fourth example,
Will you get money?
If you didn't work for it
Focusing to the point,
Will you see the building?
If there is no developer
Will you see the car on the road?
If no one is making the car
Have you ever try to plant a tree?
And are we growing the tree?
No, it's not us.
It's God
Will you ever see this poetry?
If no one is writing it
The answer remains,
There is force behind it
Wonder who creates us,
And you will know,
God do exist

Very weak. The logic behind it is basically: these things have a cause. I don't understand the cause, therefore God did it.

Babies crawl before they walk. Amazing. God must exist.
You have to study to learn something. Incredible. God must exist.
If you don't get married, you won't have a wife. Zounds. God must exist.
Buildings need architects. So God exists.
Cars need manufacturers. So God exists.
Plants grow. So God exists.

See hundreds of Proofs of God
Proof number 98:
(1) Isn't X amazing!
(2) I don't understand how X could be, without something else (that I don't really understand either) making or doing X.
(3) This something else must be God because I can't come up with a better explanation.
(4) Therefore, God exists.

Even If I granted the existance of a Designer, where did the Designer come from?

I leave you with a poem of my own, just knocked out in a few minutes. If it seems similar to the one you linked to, it's because it is.
Answering is simple,
Here's the first example
Does a baby have to die
From a terrible disease?
Here's the second example,
Will a person do the right thing
If there wasn't a God to please?
Here's the third example,
If I thought of a paradox
Would you give up all your logic?
Here's the fourth example,
Do things ever happen to you
That seem to have no purpose?
Focusing to the point,
Do you see the painting
And praise someone else for painting it?
Do you see the technology
And all the advances we have made
And think it has come from the sky?
We are alone. We triumph, we fail.
There is no God to fear or blame.
I hope you will see this poem
And think deeper than bumper sticker philosophy
The answer remains,
Think of the contradictions
found in ALL religions
Look for solid proof
And ask if God exists.


BillyWarhol said...

I ain't keen on Religion either*

;)) Peace*

Soleh said...

No you didn't get my poem there. All the example shown in the poem is to concentrate on one thing only and that is;

There is force behind everything.

I give you a simple example, people will not see our writing here if Google did not develop Blogspot.

Therefore if there is no God, then we also would not be here as there is no creator of us.


Stew said...

Well, OK. I still don't see ho w it LOGICALLY follows that because some things are designed by people, God must exist.

But apart from that, If you feel everything must have a supernatural cause, who designed God?

And if you feel tempted to say something like, "God is special" or "God has always existed" I'd feel inclined to reply something like "The universe is special" or "the universe has always existed"

You see? For whatever amazing cause and effect that leads you to see the force of God, I see natural forces of nature, as explained by various scientific theories and laws.

Soleh said...

I give you an example why its not the nature but it is God.

If you are given a task by your boss, will the task be completed if you did not do anything.

It will not be completed by nature unless you do the task.

Same goes to here, rain will not drop, if God didn't create the rain.

So, God do exist, thats why we got blessing everywhere with rains.

The Bless of Rain

jamon said...

Blimey Soleh, that's some wonderful circular logic you've got going on there.