Sunday, 25 May 2008

Prince Charles makes a correct decision

From CNN news.

LONDON, England (AP) -- A royal spokesman says Britain's Prince Charles has had a small non-cancerous growth removed from his face.
A spokesman at Charles' official residence, Clarence House, said Friday that the operation was a minor and routine procedure. Charles had the growth removed from the side of his nose late Thursday afternoon.
He had covered up the scar with small white bandage on the bridge of his nose during a tree-planting ceremony Friday at his country home in Highgrove.

Evidently it was because the growth was non-cancerous that Charles stooped to nasty old "western" medicine.
because if it had been cancerous I'm sure he would have stuck by his principles (geddit?) and used Gerson Therapy, which eschews chemotherapy in favour of 13 fruit juices a day, coffee enemas and weekly injections of vitamins. (The Guardian)
Mind you, even though it wasn't cancerous, I'm surprised he submitted himself to invasive surgery given his enthusiasm for alternate therapies. Surely he would have entrusted the removal of facial growths to acupuncture, or homeopathy?
I'm not anti-royal, or even particularly anti-Charles. I'm anti people who are in positions of influence being hypocritical and promoting all manner of woo and ant- scientific bullshit, and then taking refuge in tried and tested scientific treatment when the crunch comes.

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