Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A test.

Thousands of miles away, someone makes a film that you disagree with and upsets you.

What is your response?
a. Ignore it, it's just a film, these things come and go, it'll all be forgotten by the end of the year.
b. Write a letter your your local newspaper expressing your indignation.
c. Boycott the products and services of that country
d. Go trash a local cinema. One that isn't even showing the movie. And probably never will, chances are this kind of film wouldn't ever be aired anywhere in your country. Beat up some of the people in the cinema. Even though they may well agree with you. Vandalise the cars outside the cinema.

Did you pick d? Well done, that is the correct response for any self-respecting muslim to take over the film Fitna.


The Barefoot Bum said...

Maybe this is how we should respond to Expelled. </sarcasm>

Anonymous said...

Not good enough! Behead those who call Islam a violent religion!