Saturday, 2 February 2008

Crucifiction? No Big Deal

from The Telegraph
A series of six programs commissioned by the BBC in the run up to Easter includes one by Terry Eagleton, Professor of Cultural Theory at the University of Manchester. A professed Marxist, Eagleton claims that the crucifiction of Christ has been overplayed as he only took three hours to die, probably as a result of his scourging, which was thus "a blessing in disguise".
Shock and horror and indignation all round.
Tony Kilmister, a vice-president of the Prayer Book Society, said: "Terry Eagleton is totally belittling of Christianity. How would he like it if he was strung up and scourged, let alone nailed to a cross?
That's one of ny favorite bits of logic that. It's commonly used by Animal Rights loonies: "How would you like a hook through your lip?" err... I'm not a fish.
"How would you like it if you were strung up and scourged, let alone nailed to a cross?" err... I'm not Jesus.

But, IF, IF I believed that as a result of 6 hours of pain, ALL MANKIND would be saved FOR ETERNITY, and I'd come back to life and sit on God's right hand in Heaven forever, I'd give it some serious thought.
Hundreds, no, probqbly millions of people throughout history have suffered terribly, suffered for a long time, for no reason whatsoever, other than the whim of some other bastards.
I agree with the lefty prof. I find Jesus' sacrifice underwhelming.


King Aardvark said...

Damn straight. For an omnipotent being, it boils down to a minor inconvenience. Kind of like sending your son to be punched in the gut, then you make it better by giving him an ice-cream cone. Amazingly, I actually got a pastor to agree with me on that one.

Crucifixion is pretty bad, but it pales in comparision to some of the torture/execution methods devised in mediaeval Europe.

Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to when/if the ABC buys this series for showing in Australia.

Funnily enough a few months back a christian had stated what a great sacrifice it was for jesus to die on the cross. This was my reply:
Is Jesus’ ‘sacrifice’ really all that noble and poignant?

Jesus believed he was the son of God and he predicted that he would be crucified. We therefore have to assume that he knew that after his death he would come back to life and sit on the right hand of God.

So what did Jesus really sacrifice? A few hours of pain knowing he’d soon be alive again and in heaven?

Who made the bigger sacrifice; Jesus, who after being killed (but not really because you can’t kill a god) went off to live in heaven, or his disciples who then had to fend for themselves (whilst being vilified and persecuted) trying to spread his message?

Oh, I forgot to add. If Jesus knew he was going to die, but did nothing to prevent it, even consciously committed to allowing it to happen, then did he commit suicide?
I also got asked the same question how would you like it I gave much the same answer: I'm not jesus, it would hurt a lot and I would know I wasn't going to come back to life.