Saturday, 19 January 2008

An opportunity missed

Germany named its latest furry superstar "Flocke", or "Snowflake" on Friday, sending the media into a frenzy which echoed "Knut-mania" in Berlin last year.
A naming competition for the nearly six-week-old polar bear cub launched by the city of Nuremberg received 50,000 emails, causing a server meltdown at the zoo as entries flooded in from around the globe.
from Reuters
The Germans don't have the same sense of humopur as the British:
They should have called the damn bear Mohammed

"YET NOT all members of the Great British Public have had their brains dissolved by too much exposure to the Guardian and a diet of low fat tofu. When viewers of local TV news programme London Tonight viewers were asked to name a new-born lamb that featured on the show, 95 per cent all plumped for the same name.
Can you guess what it was? Yep, Mohammed. Predictably, the producers inadvertently muddled up the results and went for the name just five per cent of viewers wanted – Mistletoe."
from Barry Beelzebub

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