Sunday, 27 January 2008

Darwin Day = Satan Day

My favorite site for fundamental christian looniness is Rapture Ready

Someone posted a thread on Darwin Day. "This'll be interesting", I thought.

The original post was a op-ed piece from a crazy lady called Sharon Hughes. Read that link, it's crazy enough in its own right.

Here are some of the responses to the notion of Darwin Day:
"That is disgusting.
Oh well,that is just fulfilling prophecy more. oh my goodness.
that is my birthday, how disgusting. And it is Abraham Lincoln's birthday, too. That makes it more disgusting." - BlessedinHim

"If my children's school sets aside this day to celebrate Darwin, my kids will not be in school that day. Christian's should keep their kids home in protest. Pray for our young people, they really are being raised in a generation of Godlessness. (The One and Only God, I don't mean the other "gods".)" BibleNuggetLady

"Richard Dawkins wrote the book "The God Delusion". When I've read blurbs about him, it sounds as if he has quite a bit of hatred toward Christianity, and those who embrace it.
Well, I don't mind if he refers to me as ignorant or stupid; after all, God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.
But wicked? Give me a break. I guess this is what atheists do to get a rise out of Christians, for whatever reason." Mountain_Girl

"They say this because they hate us. They hate us because we make them very uncomfortable by our very presence - it reminds them that there is a God." Anddrai

"I hope they will ask this holiday off ... then we wouldn't have to "celebrate" it" CD4U (OP)

"Not heard one word about this in my district. I'm sure it's not wide-spread." Lisa

"Darwin Day"...oh brother! Yeah, let's pay homage to one of the most ignorant people to ever have existed...LOL. Darwin doesn't believe in evolution now - guaranteed.
I don't foresee this coming to the public schools where I live, but if it ever does, not only will my kids not be participating, but the powers that be will vocally hear my staunch opposition to such nonsense. I can't imagine many parents in these parts advocating this.
Richard Dawkins came to our community not too long ago for a speaking engagement. He's a self-absorbed, foolish man. Praying that he sees the error of his ways before it's too late. Don't let people like him get to you; remember, their knees will bow and their tongues will confess that Jesus is Lord one day." BrideOfChrist

"Dawkins has also said that any parent teaching their own child about God is guilty of child abuse by brain washing and should have the children removed from them permanently.
The guy is employed by Oxford as a professor. Is it any wonder the colleges are turning out more and more graduates that have rejected the faith of their youth?
Just saying" funmudder

"he is just as guilty for brainwashing kids to hate Christians.
And there are people who brainwash their kids that nudist is good, there are people who brainwash their kids to be vegetarian, there are people who brainwash their kids to think aliens created them, etc. So he does he think everyone should have freedom to brainwash their kids except Christians?
There are people who were raised in a Christian home who reject Christ, and there are people who were raised in a atheist home who accept Christ. So I wouldn't call it brainwashing, it is the decision that people make for themselves and it doesn't matter how they were raised." CD4U (OP)

"Darwin Day = Satan Day Just another sign of the times." 1angel4u

"'evenin' all!
I've just joined these boards and this OP caught my eye!
I think the previous poster was right. It is only one day after all but you'll have to brace yourselves because next year is the 150th anniversary." Flavell

"Although it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, for the sake of precision it should be noted that Darwin was trained in the divinities and prepared for the Anglican priesthood. It was his scientific observations which made him first reject the idea of a benevolent creator (asking what kind of god would create parasitic wasps was one of his famous questions), and following the death of his daughter, he separated entirely from theological pursuits and despite the fact that he still participated in the social events of his family's church, personally didn't attend services and remained agnostic until his death.
As I mentioned, it doesn't change anything, but no sense feeling bad for the man for the wrong reasons. His departure from faith was weakened by pressure to reconcile his faith with his observations, and finished off by a personal tragedy in his family." Queue

"Actually Darwins observations do nothing to counter God's word. I'm not sure why so many Christians oppose him so vehemently. Who are we to say God didn't use evolution to form our world?" Wavering_Walk

"Don't insult God WW!
Darwin made interpretations based upon his belief system not "scientific observations"." Alhere

"It does not agree with scripture. the order Darwin says things appeared is different than what Genesis teaches." BlessedinHim

Seeing the thread on site has maximum impact for xian smilies, icons, avatars and sigs.
To coin a phrase: Fundies say the darndest things

Well, thanks for the heads up on next year being the 150th anniversary.

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Psychodiva said...

ROFL I love that site too! always good for a laugh when I'm feeling down :)

150th anniversary is well known over here in UK - we are definitely going to have a few drinks :)