Saturday, 12 January 2008

Bush calls Islam "Great"

From Reuters

"Turkey sets a fantastic example for nations around the world to see where it's possible to have a democracy that co-exists with a great religion like Islam," Bush said at a White House meeting with Turkish President Abdullah Gul.

What a pile of shite. Firstly, under what context can Islam be described as "great" other than in the sense that it is big, ie: has many followers.
Secondly, Turkey is not a fantastic example of a democracy. see Human Rights Watch. Turkey is the ONLY democratic Muslim country. Why? Because since the founding of its republic in 1923 it has maintained secularism. A separation of religion and state. A democracy cannot co-exist with Islam, it has to keep it apart. Islam certainly has no desire to co-exist with democracy.

And we all thought GW was a fundie christian? He's not, he's just a politician who'll say whatever his speechwriters tell him to.

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